Best Sad Status For WhatsApp To Express Sorrow

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The WhatsApp status is the ideal way to share your feelings through the status messages as all your friends and relatives are connected over there.

If you are the one who puzzle how to express the sad feeling, then you have landed in the right place to get the sad WhatsApp status message.

Putting the best sad status for WhatsApp would reduce your pain to some

Yes, if you feel depressed, then your heart would get lighted by updating the sad quotes for WhatsApp status.

So, are your searching for the short WhatsApp status sad in English?

Here is a collection of nice sad status for WhatsApp to put across your sadness!

Top Sad WhatsApp Status Quotes 

  • Heavy hearts are just like heavy clouds in the sky. They are relieved the most by letting off some water.
  • Every person goes through his secret moments of sorrow that other don’t know. Often, we call a person cold when the person is just sad.
  • Sometimes, sadness and emotions bring out something that even your happiest moment cannot. Sadness makes you think deeply.
  • Every man walks around with some sadness. They might not necessarily wear the same on their sleeves, but it’s there if you pay attention.
  • The walls that you build around yourself to keep sadness out, keep out the happiness as well.

Few More Sad Status For WhatsApp In English

  • Beautiful melodies make you sad. Why? Because they are not true. Nothing can be both beautiful and true.
  • What do you think of tears? Next time you have them in your eyes, think of them as words that need to be pen down.
  • I cannot sleep, and I cannot eat. It means that I’m not doing great when it comes to being a functional human. I’m sad.
  • Any fool can turn out to be happy. However, it takes a real heart to create joy out of the stuff that makes us cry and sad.
  • Crying is the process of cleansing. There is a reason for happiness, tears, and sadness.

If you feel unhappy due to some worst happenings in your life, we would suggest use any one of the above lists of WhatsApp status for sad mood to update your WhatsApp status.

Besides, if you like the list of sad WhatsApp status message, you may use these statuses on Facebook as well.

We hope that you like our list of best sad status for WhatsApp and utilize them to show your sadness to your adored ones.



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