List of Best Life WhatsApp Status Messages

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We explore several things in our life like boring, enjoying, hating, inspiring, losing and much more.

No matter what kind of stuff you experience! But sharing it with others would make you chill. Having a nice life status for WhatsApp will help you to stay motivated forever.

So, if you want to define the life you live, consider putting the WhatsApp status about life in English as it is the latest style to express the

Check some awesome life WhatsApp status which can also be utilized as your Facebook status.

Here is the collection of best life WhatsApp status and messages to tell about your life. 

Heart Touching WhatsApp Status In English About Life

  • Life is not at all about finding yourself. Rather, it is all about creating yourself.
  • Here is an interesting fact about life—life is just 10% of what happens to us, but it is almost 90% of how we react to it.
  • In the long run, it is not the number of years in your life that counts. Instead, it is the amount of life in your years that counts.
  • Life in different forms: sing it as a song, play it like a game, meet it like a contest, realize it as a dream, and enjoy it like love.
  • Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be a better person. It is how you deal with adversity and not how it influences you in your life.

Few More Impressive WhatsApp Status About Life

  • Your main goal in life is helping others. If you cannot help others, at least do not hurt them.
  • In life, people will treat you badly and disrespect you. Let God deal with these things, because hatred in your heart consumes you as well.
  • Have you ever seen sparrows? They don’t know what they are going to do in the next moment. We should live like that in each moment.
  • Life has two wonderful rules for you: Rule 1—never quite, Rule 2—always remember Rule 1.
  • Live in the present moment and achieve your goals each day. When you look back, you will thank yourself for this incredible ride.

The life status for WhatsApp in English will tell about your status of living so that your associates understand you life condition in a better way.

We believe that the listed quotes on WhatsApp status about life will help you show your life status to your contacts.

So, employ these latest life status for WhatsApp and convey your thought about your living on the Earth. 

If you like this list of WhatsApp status in English about life, you may make use of it to update your Facebook status to share the way you live.



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