Good List Of Funny WhatsApp Status Message

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Most of the youths are crazy about WhatsApp as it is a nice platform to share the mood with others.

If you want to become familiar in your WhatsApp circle, then you may show your humorous side by updating the Funny WhatsApp status message.

Moreover, putting the best Funny WhatsApp status reveals that you’re leading a cheery life that would make others connect with you for your positive thoughts.funny-whatsapp-status

So, if you’re hunting for some Funny WhatsApp status ideas, you’re in the right place to grab the funny quotes for WhatsApp status.

Below is the list of Funny status for WhatsApp in English that can also be used to update your Facebook status.

Just pick the preferred Funny WhatsApp status download to fill your status message on WhatsApp.

Amazing Funny Status For WhatsApp

  • Whenever you feel low, just remind yourself that you are absolutely unique, just like everybody else.
  • Who’s a successful man? One who earns more money than his wife can spend. Who’s a successful woman? One who can find such a man.
  • Why do I not need a hair stylist? Because I already have the world’s best hair stylist—my pillow. I have a new hair style every morning.
  • Why is a mind of a woman cleaner than that of a man? Simple! because she changes it very often.
  • Money is not the key to happiness, but can’t you get a key made if you have sufficient money already?

Few More Funny WhatsApp Status In English

  • Always accept who you really are, unless you are a terrorist or something.
  • The biggest blessing I could receive: may your Monday be short and your coffee be strong.
  • I wonder why people say that nothing is impossible. Considering I do nothing every day.
  • It is all games and fun in good spirit until somebody calls the cops. Then, it is a new game. Guess what? Hide and seek.
  • I feel great at night because that is the only time I feel someone is attracted to me. You know who? Mosquitoes!

Being friendly is the priceless gift! Funny WhatsApp status messages would bring a smile on the face of your friends & family.

We hope that your search for the best funny WhatsApp status message must end here!

We also believe that you would like to use funny status for WhatsApp in English on your Facebook wall as well.


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