Latest Collection Of Crazy Status For WhatsApp

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Showing your crazy personality on the instant messengers like WhatsApp would let your contacts have a hearty laugh, and they can ignore the stressful stuff. set 

Yes, best Crazy WhatsApp status helps to remain in contact with the people around you and make them smile.

If you want to share your hilarious qualities to the friends or family circle, having the Crazy status for WhatsApp is the ideal way to go.crazy-status-for-whatsapp

We have gathered the best crazy WhatsApp status updates to reflect your comical nature.  

Without further ado, just have a look at the new crazy quotes that can make your WhatsApp or Facebook profile page look fantastic.

Best Crazy WhatsApp Status Updates

  • Did you know? There are 10 missed calls when the phone is in silent mode, but no one calls all day when the volume is turned to loud.
  • Perhaps you will never be able to buy love. However, you will still have to pay for it!
  • If you want to save water, here is the best thing you can do: start drinking beer.
  • Oh lord! There is surely a bug in your universal software. And that goes by the name “Monday”. Can you please fix it?
  • Who says studies are hard? They are not hard to me. Here’s my secret—I study for 15 minutes, and I take a break for 3 hours.

Few More Amusing Crazy Status For WhatsApp To Attract Your Contacts

  • You should never even try to kiss behind the garden. Love is surely blind, but your neighbors are certainly not.
  • What is meant by WTF? Don’t you know? We are indeed WTF generation. PS: WTF = WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • I really feel that someone someday should give me a big loan and then that person should leave me alone.
  • My psychiatrist said to me that I was slightly mad. I said that I want a second opinion, so he said to me “Ok, you are ugly as well.”
  • In bed when it is 7 AM, you close eyes for 5 more minutes, it’s 8:45 AM. In class, when it’s 1:30, you close eyes for 5 minutes, it’s 1:31.

To start attracting your WhatsApp contacts just put up a crazy WhatsApp status and express your entertaining character.

Have some fun with your WhatsApp friends through the latest crazy status and be ready to get pleasure from their comments.

We are sure that you’ve liked the above listed Crazy Status For WhatsApp, and you may use them as the Crazy Facebook status messages as well. 


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